About Jacarte

Jacarte was established in 2006.  We design and create the finest handmade, optical crystal sculptures, vases, and perfume bottles.  We are especially proud of our inside painted glass art masterpieces which flawlessly transport, into contemporary times, skills and techniques established hundreds of years ago.  We accomplish our goals through what we call Trans-Pacific Coalition of Remarkable Talent ™.  Our designers and artists, almost exclusively living and working in the US, give birth to many of our pieces.  Then, a collective of artisans and inside painting master artists, calling on skills that exist only in certain provinces in China, give substance to the vision.


Our Three Collections

Jacarte Classics  -  This is our collection of classically inside-painted and completely hand-sculpted vessels of various shapes and sizes.  Both functional and non, some are designed as vases, some as perfume bottles, and some simply as objets dart.  Each begins as an original painting or photograph which is ultimately adapted to, and recreated within, an original glass sculpture.  Each of our master inside-painters has at least fifteen years of experience.  View Jacarte Classics

Custom Photo Crystals  -  This is our newest collection. Designed for the museum, promotional, and souvenir industries, as well as for  individuals who have a photo or artwork they want "Crystallized", our PaperWeights, WireWeights (TM) and "Stand-Ups" are all custom products. Available in any quantity, they bring any logo, artwork, or photograph to a new level of vibrance and value.

Mini Vases and Snuff Bottles  -  This is our collection, both permanent and revolving, of exquisite, quality inside-painted snuff bottles.  Authentically created in every sense, our artists in China are responsible for both conception and execution.  Each bottle is selected for its beauty, artistry, and symbolism.  Price points vary depending on artist and complexity.  View Snuff Bottles





PLEASE NOTE:  Our site is currently undergoing a transition to provide easier access to images, prices and all other information that may help you to review our collections.  Your patience is appreciated...