Crystal Mini Vases and Snuff Bottles

Mini Vases and Snuff Bottles, a Jacarte Collection, is a vetted selection of traditional inside painted bottles, many updated with removeable glass tubes so that they can function as remarkably painted mini vases. Authentically and individually created, they are truly magnificent masterpieces in miniature!  Each comes beautifully boxed with a story card and a traditional, handmade inside-painting brush.

Custom Painting Our Specialty - We have experience taking your photo or artwork - whether of a building, garden, pet, or person...just about anything...and turning it into a minature masterpiece. Call for details.

A Brief History of Snuff Bottles

  SB101 - Beauty Abounds

Your spirit will soar with these charming birds surrounded by exotic landscape and floral beauty.

  SB201 - Peacocks

Peacocks represent regal beauty. It is said that peacocks have the power to rekindle the passionate fire of an ailing relationship.

  SB202 - Serenity

Orioles, being songbirds, represent tranquility and peace

  SB205 - Renewal

Friends come together in celebration of a new season and renewed friendships.

  SB206 - Blue Mountains

These fine feathered friends are enjoying each other's company surrounded by the lush tropical forest.

  SB302 - Nobless

Pheasants are native to China. They are symbols of nobility and energy of the yang. When combined with lotus, as portrayed here, pheasants would be allegedly powerful predictors of prosperity and coming good fortune.

  SB303 - Falling in Love

  SB304 - The Way It Was Meant To Be

  SB501 - In Search of Equality

  SB601 - Anticipation

  SB701 - Setting the Stage

The proper environment leads to love.

  SB801 - Moon Travelers

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